Kinekt Isolation Seatposts

Bodyfloat Kinekt Isolation Seatpost- No more sore backs !


Why Kinekt?

Comfort of Suspension … Performance of Connection -Stay in the Saddle to Ride Harder, Faster for Longer!

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Bodyfloat Kinekt Isolation Suspension Seatpost

Are you sick of a sore back while or after riding? Do you want to be able to ride faster by being able to remain in the saddle to deliver consistent power or want better control over uneven terrain ? – then a Bodyfloat Kinekt suspension seat post is for you. A Consistent connection at the saddle is critical for a more comfortable, controllable ride. Isolation from a wider spectrum of surface vibrations, bumps and body movements enhances traction and control at all points of contact.

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Bodyfloat Kenekt base spring weights

By addressing rider and bike movements simultaneously, Kinekt Post redefines the way a rider can stay connected to their bike.
Tunable, Vertical, Self-Damped Compliance to provide:

Maximum Comfort
Reduced Fatigue
Improved Traction & Control

Outdoors International is proud to be appointed the Australian distributor for Cirrus Cycles and their class leading Bodyfloat Kinekt seatpost systems.

Kinekt Seatposts are available online at in the Outdoors International Shop or and other leading bike sites and retailers

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Bodyfloat Kenekt Isolation Suspension Seatpost Gif

Bodyfloat Kinekt Isolation Suspension Seatpost

Kinekt Post is engineered to be infinitely tunable to fit your riding style and its patented design utilizes vertical travel and a non-damped mechanism that maximizes performance and comfort of any body on any bike.

Infinitely Tunable – By selecting the proper springs for your weight and riding style, then fine tuning the spring tension in the Kinekt Post you are able to create a stable, efficient and comfortable platform that suits you perfectly.

Vertical Travel – Kinekt Post’s design allows near vertical travel which allows the bike to move minimally and more freely under the stable rider, maintaining a much more consistent and controllable connection with both the bike and terrain.

Non-Damped – Damping and friction equal energy loss and results in more transmission of movement to the body. Our patented Isolation System utilizes a combination of low friction movement, spring rate and spring force to eliminate both vibration and bounce without scrubbing power through damping.

Enjoy your bike more with a Bodyfloat Kinekt Seatpost